Carbon Watch

Business Solutions

We help businesses who wish to reduce their emissions


Feasibility, case studies, identification, planning, and monitoring emission reductions for your business.

Offset Trading

Registration & issuing of carbon credits along with the sourcing of high-quality credits from high-impact projects.


Our investment thesis is to invest in businesses and projects that focus on leaving a positive footprint on the world. 


Carbon Lens

We conduct feasibility studies, due diligence, base case studies, the potential for carbon sequestering, etc. for our clients and identify the suitable projects given their environment and community needs.

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We conduct feasibility studies for our clients to assess the practicality of the proposed program. Although each project can have unique goals and needs, some of the basic steps which we follow for conducting a feasibility study are as follows:

  • Conduct a preliminary study to assess if the program meets the requirement of CDM/VERRA/Gold Standard/GCC
  • Collect preliminary data including feedback about the new program from the relevant stakeholders
  • Analyze the baseline situation and additionality of the projects
  • Analyze the data and find out the potential emission reductions or emissions removal by the proposed program
  • Identify potential risks and solutions to overcome them

Project Development

Develop the plan and execute the entire/part of the project. 

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Project development

Our team has a roster of experts who have conceived and executed numerous massive carbon sequestering and community projects, and are experts in project & climate finance. 

We work with technology partners across the world, giving our clients access to some of the best and most passionate minds in the industry. Together with our partners, we deploy high-quality emission reduction projects and take care of registration procedures to generate carbon credits.

Our signature community-based low carbon programs are inclusive and quality driven. The technologies provided to the communities under these programs support them in getting their basic needs while mitigating the harsh impacts of climate change.

Our nature-based programs, focusing on the afforestation of degraded lands, provide additional livelihood options for the farmers and other marginalized sections of society.

Resource management 

Our thorough pre-feasibility study helps us to identify the locations which are most suitable for our programs. We believe that a strong framework of training, capacity building, and awareness activities form the basis for the success of such programs. We, along with our partners, conduct several layers of training and workshops for better and more effective implementation of the projects to generate awareness among the end users of the new technology. Special training is designed for post-implementation operations, maintenance, effective monitoring, and data logging.

Project Registration

Our expert team takes care of the entire documentation process relating to the registration of the programs under CDM/VERRA/Gold Standard/GCC. The major documentation includes:

  • Project Design Document (PDD) and other relevant documentation
  • Emission reduction calculation spreadsheet
  • Facilitate host country approval
  • Facilitate registration with the relevant body (e.g. UNFCCC for CDM)

Project Monitoring and Credit Issuance

Monitor and measure the emission reductions from their projects and take ownership of the issuance and delivery of carbon credits. 

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We provide end-to-end services for project registration, monitoring, and credit issuance. Our team members have considerable experience in developing carbon mitigation projects and programs under CDM, VCS, and Gold Standard. Our role in the registration and credit issuance of a program involves:

  • Facilitating validation of projects by the authorized validator (and stakeholder validation from a social accountability angle in the form of local and global stakeholder consultation)
  • Facilitating successful closure of the validation process, leading to project registration
  • Preparation of the monitoring report mentioning the actual emission reduction
  •  Facilitate the verification process, leading to the issuance of carbon credits

Offset Trading​

Marketing Projects and Offsets

Apart from helping to register projects and issue carbon credits, we can also help market the generated credits. We perform a deep dive into the project specifics, understanding the impact it can create on the communities and the environment. We can also help source buyers who value the positive impact the project has made.

Sourcing Projects and Offsets 

Given our client’s requirements, we can source high-quality credits from appropriate high-impact projects.  


ICAM manages capital with a philosophy that doing good is profitable. True to that philosophy, ICAM’s investment thesis is to invest in businesses and projects that focus on leaving a positive footprint on the world. 


1.5° South Fund is a climate fund providing an innovative financial solution for high-impact projects backed by carbon credits.   As more and more countries adopt new climate change frameworks, we believe the demand for carbon credits will outpace supply, rapidly making carbon credit a lucrative commodity.   

Bespoke Funds

 ICAM is fully equipped to launch bespoke funds structured to invest in specific instruments such as listed equities, commodities, private debt, or funds focusing on specific carbon sectors like renewables, blue carbon, nature-based solution, community-based solution, etc. to cater to our client’s requirements.